Four reasons to play with your cat right now

by Evgeniy Bondarenko
play with the cat

The Cat that walked by himself – we all know this Kipling’s tale from the childhood. And we’re still thinking about cats in such a way. We suppose that they like to be alone lying all day long and sleeping. Cats are also thought to be easy-care pets as they don’t need much space or as much attention as dogs do.
But these thoughts aren’t true. Cats benefit from consistent interactive play and activity as much as dogs and we do. Encouraging your cat to play every day will ensure that they’re healthy, happy and learn the proper socialization skills. Interactive play with your cat is a good way to make her move every day. It’s especially important for indoor-only cats. While kittens and young adult cats tend to spontaneously play and entertain themselves, older and overweight cats may need you to help find their inner kitten.

Playing is important for the cat's instincts

Even house cats are natural predators and they need not only to “kill something daily”, but also to torture their prey before. In fact, it’s the main and the most loved activity for cats. Thus, all cat toys are based on their predation instinct. Don’t you remember how your cat grabs that feather toy or stuffed animal and kicks it with their back feet to feel like they’ve ‘killed it?

Your cat will be happy if you try to mimic prey by making toy scurrying away and hiding behind a table. Then, most importantly, let her catch it — if you’re playing with a laser pointer, switch to something tangible. This will make her feel like the badass predator she was born to be. In addition, you need to learn about the preferences as your cat can like things bouncing in the air, like a bird, or scurrying on the floor like a mouse.

kitten toys

Playing is good exercise for your cat

Around 50% of cats are overweight as they overeat and lead sedentary lifestyles. And this can lead to obesity-related health problems as arthritis, diabetes, and poor grooming habits. Though, the increasing physical activity can help to shed unwanted pounds and get back to her fighting weight.

Playing also stimulates their senses and improves their mood. And a happy cat is a healthy cat. And a healthy cat will avoid over-eating, stress-eating, or feeling insecure about their routines. 

Using organic materials as felt, leather, cotton allows you to play without worry about
cat well-being

cat felt toys

Playing with your cat is the ticket to
a stronger relationship with your pet

Cats that are regularly played tend to be more close to their owners and will be more rewarding pets. Through play, your kitten releases anxiety and aggression that will make her feel confident and relaxed. Thus, she will have a better bond with you and other pets and humans in the house.

It’s also necessary for de-stressing your pet when you come back home after a long absence from work. The lack of interaction will lead to the cat’s lower interest in you or seeing you as a provider of food. Besides, time moves slower for your pet so eight hours of your absence will be felt like a week.

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Playing with cat will slow down the aging process!

As your cat gets older, her cognitive function may decline and it can lead to feline dementia. Playing with cat can prevent or slow down this process. A strategy game and indoor hunting are highly recommended for it. Vital mental stimulation also will allow exercising her cognitive and motor skills.

Here are some useful tips on how to play with your cat

• Try to change cat’s toys on a routine basis to keep her interested. Some cats prefer only one toy, but some will become bored after a few days of playing.

• It’s important to have toys and enrichment items (windows, cat trees, perches) available for your pet when you’re not at home.

• Don’t use hands for playtime with your cat as it will develop aggression toward you.

• It’s necessary to keep cat’s toys in a box for storage and pull only those that you’re going to use today. The laying all-around toys look like dead prey and the cat won’t play with them a lot.

We want your cat not to feel lonely and sad. So we want to suggest you some types of cat toys for indoor games that you can order right now: from wand fishing pole toys to interactive balls for self-play games. Please, stay in touch and tell us which is liked by your cat the most.

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